Sunday, February 28, 2010

Another Q in Novice

Even though we already have our CD title for Novice Obedience, we are not ready to show in Open yet for CDX. But I want to keep Red in the ring and work on our showing skills, so I registered us for another Novice run this weekend. We are now in Novice B instead of A, so the competition is tighter but I don't really think about that anyway - I only compete against ourselves and aim to improve each time.

I saw a friend from DT (doberman forum) there so we hung out most of the time and she helped hold onto my treat pouch and Red's reward tug during our run, which was really nice =)

The on-leash heeling was ok, though he always spaces out on the first halt... sort of drifts out in front of me like he doesn't know what's gong on... ugh. But after that he was ok.

The Figure 8 was ok, though I thought he lagged a bit in spots.

The stand for exam was really nice.

Off leash was ok, maybe a little laggy, and then he decided on the last 2 halts that he wasn't going to sit. *eye roll*

The recall was actually really good, one of his bests. He came in nice and straight and had a nice finish.

Our score was 186.5 and had 6th place out of 23 people, which isn't bad considering we were in the "experienced" B class! It was a better score than I thought we had.

Since we didn't get our photo taken for our RE title last month (because the photographer at the show was INSANE with his prices), there was a photographer at this show, so we had our pic taken for the RE title. I can't wait to get i - I think it turned out really good. I like this photographer - she took our first Rally title photo and I love the lighting and her style. I will be posting it when I get it =)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Red's 3rd Birthday!!

My Redders turns 3 years old today! :D :D

I can't believe its been 3 whole years already! He'll always be my puppers though :)

I had to work all day, but as soon as I got home, we went to the pet store to pick up some goodies! Lots of treats, and a birthday cookie :) Also, he finally got his eGGe (which he LOVES!!). And he's getting a new bed too, but that hasn't arrived yet. All in all, I'd say he made out pretty good this year!

click to enlarge


Silly puppers :p


And of course, no birthday of Red's would be complete without his annual birthday video!! :D :D
(For some reason, there's an ad that pops up at the beginning - I think because I used a copyrighted song, so just click the little X in the upper right corner of the ad banner to make it go away)

Happy Birthday, Red! Thank you for always making me smile :)